Tips To Have A Happy Married Life

You meet someone…you decide that he/she is the best person you could ever have as a partner in your life and you’ll get married wishing so much that it would have a fairy tale ending. But, it very rarely ... read more

Unique Female Names

Here we will list some Unique Female Names – Valencia (vuh-LEN-see-uh, it’s a province in Spain) Venice Persephone (per-SEH-fuh-nee, it’s from Greek mythology) Aurelia Winter/Wynter Aiyanna Karina ... read more

Make a Magical Christmas Scene Snow Globe

Create a Winter Scene With Lighted House
I have always loved the idea of having a Christmas village display – maybe it’s the kid in me but I just think they’re magical.   Every time we see them in the stores, the kids and I have to stop and ... read more

Cookies For Santa Plate With A Cute Saying

A few years ago I went to a church Christmas crafting party and one of the things we made was a cookies for Santa plate – it was red with white vinyl lettering and customized with a cute little saying.  It ... read more

Your two wings to fly

Every one dreams of being able to fly like a bird in the open sky, which typically means being able to do whatever your heart wishes for or get to the heights of success, where you can have the power to ... read more

Free Printable :: Christmas Trivia

Free Printable Christmas Trivia
 I have had quite a few emails and comments asking if there was going to be a printable Christmas Trivia to along with our other holiday trivia games, and I finally got a chance to sit down and make a kit ... read more

10 tips for a comfortable work space

A clean and well managed office is always better as it not only prevents health hazards that occur from messy and clumsy workplaces, but also provides the employees a comfortable environment. When you work ... read more